FREE Nylon LED Dog Collar

FREE Nylon LED Dog Collar

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For a limited time, we are giving away these Dog Collars for free! Each year, over 6 million dogs are killed on the roads in the U.S, and we want every dog out there to be visible at night. Just help us with the cost of shipping the product to you directly from our supplier. 

Limited to 2 Collars per customer! Shipping cost is $9.50 for one and $16.50 for two.


XS: 7-10.5 inches
S: 13.5-16.5 inches
M: 14.5-19.5 inches
L: 16-22 inches
XL: 16.5-23.35 inches


Brand Name: DCPET
Material: Nylon
Collar Type: Basic Collars
Season: All Seasons
Colors: Blue, White, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Pink and Black
Applicable: Dogs and cats Pet
Usage: Collars & Leads